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How can I contact Authorfy?

As we are often out of office working in schools or on video shoots, we are unable to provide a telephone number. However, if you have a query that is not covered in the below FAQ’s, you can contact Authorfy via email at info@authorfy.com and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

How does the trial term work?

As Authorfy is a new service, launched in Spring 2017, we’ve decided to offer a trial term to all schools wanting to experience our platform. By signing up to the trial term, your school will have free access to a terms worth of Authorfy material – including 5 author videos, award winning teaching resources and a variety of competitions and giveaways. The trial term will be free to join from April – July 2017, with no obligation to subscribe to the platform afterwards. Simply click here to sign up or log in.

How much does Authorfy cost?

Authorfy costs £49.75 per class, per year. This equates to £16.58 per term, or £1.65 per student for the entire year*. This includes unlimited access to the entire platform, with no hidden costs or extra fees. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible, which is why we don’t offer bespoke packages or charge different fees to public and private schools.

*based on an average class size of 30

Can I subscribe to Authorfy at any time of year?

Yes, you can subscribe to Authorfy at any time of year. When you subscribe, you will be given 3 options; to access Authorfy from January-January, April-April or September-September. It is entirely up to you when you would like your subscription to start.

If you decide you’d like to subscribe mid-way through a term (e.g. November), you can choose to have instant access by selecting the September – September package, or you can select the January – January package, so that you’ll have access from the start of the new term.


When will my Authorfy subscription start?

Once you have created an account and entered your payment details, there will be a brief verification process, which usually takes 48 working hours. Once you have been verified by the Authorfy team, you will receive an account verification email. This email will signify the start of your Authorfy subscription. From this point onwards you will have full access to our online services, until any future termination of your subscription, should you chose to do so.

My school are unable to pay using card details. Can you send me an invoice?

As we deal with hundreds of schools from around the world, a lot of our subscription service is automatic so that you receive instant confirmation, automatic email receipts, and instant access to the platform once your school is verified. For this reason, card payments via the subscription page is our preferred payment method, but if for any reason you are unable to pay using card details, please email us at info@authorfy.com and we will endeavour to set your school profile up manually.

Our school is located outside of the UK. Can we still subscribe to Authorfy?

Yes! The beauty of Authorfy is that it can be accessed by any school, anywhere in the world. Please be aware, however, that due to geographical constraints, certain competitions and prizes (for example, author visits) may only be available in the UK. Students’ work can be uploaded from around the world, providing it has been written in English.

We are no longer able to use Authorfy. Can we get a refund?

Once signed up to Authorfy, there will be a predetermined date upon which it can either be terminated or renewed. For this reason, we are unable to cancel your subscription at an earlier date, and ask that you see our ‘Preview’ page to get a better idea of what we offer before subscribing.

My child is home-schooled. Can we access Authorfy?

At present, Authorfy is an online platform solely for the use of registered educational establishments. However, if you would like to access Authorfy’s service in another capacity, please email  info@authorfy.com and we will let you know of any future alterations to the service. We hope to be able to offer ‘Parent Accounts’ in the near future and are currently compiling a waiting list of parents that may like to access Authorfy at home. 

I can’t view the Authorfy website properly, why is this?

You may be trying to view Authorfy through Internet Explorer (or a similar browser that does not support the latest HTML updates). In this instance we would recommend you download Chrome (a free browser that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows), in order to utilise Authorfy to it’s full capacity. Additionally, both Safari and Firefox will support the site. If you’re having any further problems do email us at info@authorfy.com

How often would you recommend using Authorfy?

The frequency with which you use Authorfy is at the discretion of the individual school or teacher. As part of the subscription service, we provide 5 author videos with corresponding resources and additional material, which should provide a minimum of 10-12 week’s work of content (when using Authorfy during one lesson per week). If you would like further advice about using Authorfy, you can read our quick guide to making the most of your subscription here.

Is Authorfy linked to the National Curriculum?

With years of award winning teaching experience, Authorfy has been developed to bolster the curriculum and create an environment in which teachers have quick and easy access to creative and enriching teaching material. Our lessons and author videos have been designed to inspire students up and down the country to re-engage with a love of reading and writing. We have no official ties to the National Curriculum, however have been motivated by The Department of Education’s expectation for ‘teachers to do everything they can to foster a love of reading’. With our work, we hope to create a love of literacy amongst students of all ages.

How much planning do Authorfy lessons require?

One of the unique aspects of an Authorfy lesson is that they can be tailored to individual school or teacher’s requirements. As a result, they need as little or as much planning as desired. If you would like further advice on how to make the most of your subscription, you can read our quick guide here, otherwise, we hope you enjoy using Authorfy’s resources to suit your students.

What age range does Authorfy target?

At present we have tailored the resources to KS2 students, aged 7 – 11. In time we hope to be able to offer Authorfy to both KS1, ages 4 – 7, and KS3, ages 11 – 14. If you would like to be informed of any future additions to the service, please email us at info@authorfy.com

Our budget is extremely limited. Why should we spend it on Authorfy?

There are so many benefits to using Authorfy in the classroom. Not only will your teachers have access to a wealth of resources and content at their fingertips, they’ll also see a dramatic improvement in the way their students approach literacy, and we, for one, think this is invaluable.

Imagine seeing your students stay in at break-time to finish a story, or rush into the classroom, eager to see which author they’ll be learning from next. Imagine reluctant writers proudly asking to share their work with the class, or an aspiring author hone their craft and develop their own writing style. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Authorfy. Students work hard to see their creative pieces published on Authorfy, and have the added incentive of knowing an author might give them feedback on their work. The very thought of this makes us excited beyond compare, so we can’t imagine how the students must feel.

We understand that budgets are tight in schools, and for this reason, we keep our prices as low as we can. Authorfy costs just 11p per child per author video (based on an average class of 30), but the benefits students receive is insurmountable. You only have to view our ‘Preview’ lesson to see students become more engaged with literacy, see their confidence boosted, witness them trying something new and become more eager to read and write. We hope this is enough to show you the value of Authorfy, but feel free to click here to read our ‘Join the Literacy Revolution’ blog post.


How do the author videos inspire students?

Any teachers that have been lucky enough to have an author visit their school will understand how much of a positive impact this can have on their students. Students learn about new books, genres and writing styles, they talk about the book with their friends, and even the most reluctant of readers can be seen asking questions or actively choosing to read in their spare time. Meeting authors helps build a community of engaged readers and confident writers, and we want to replicate this affect at a fraction of the cost. We understand that a lot of schools don’t have access to author events, or can’t afford as many visits as they would like, so we publish 15 author videos a year for just £49.75 per class. This means schools are paying the equivalent of 2% of the cost of 15 author visits, and receiving additional material such as learning resources, downloadable content, extracts, competitions, and the option to upload student’s work to the website.

With this being said, we still strongly recommend arranging an author visit for your school if you can. Nothing can replace meeting an author in real life and making a connection with your students. Some authors are happy to speak to audiences of 300+ students, others can offer workshops or masterclasses, and all of them tell students about their writing influences, life as an author, and how they can become one, too. We’ve arranged over 150 author events for schools across SW London, and students still talk about them years later. If you’d like to arrange an author event but don’t know where to start, just email us at info@authorfy.com and we’d be happy to help.

How do you choose which authors to feature?

We select authors very carefully. No two authors write in the same way or write the story, which means they can all bring something new to the table, but we want to connect students to as many different authors as possible. Each term will include a variety of authors, from debut writers to household names, and we endeavour to ensure they all have something unique to teach students. We do this by working alongside our Publishing Partners, who offer us authors throughout the year, and we select the ones we think would work well alongside the other names already on the list.

How can we request a visit from one of the authors appearing on Authorfy?

If you would like to request a visit from one of the authors you have seen on Authorfy, please email us at info@authorfy.com. We are currently working on a ‘Request Author Visit’ button on each lesson page, but until then please email us and we will be sure to forward your request to their publishers. At this stage, Authorfy will have no involvement in the process beyond this point, unless your school have won an author visit as part of an Authorfy competition, in which case, we will be in contact with you to arrange it accordingly.

My school would prefer to set Authorfy up as an after school club. How do we go about this?

If you would like to set Authorfy up as an after school club, please contact us at info@authorfy.com.

How do your resources work for all KS2 ages and abilities?

Our lesson downloads do not contain strict lists of criteria, aims, objectives or outcomes. Instead, we offer suggestions and provide a variety of activities, writing challenges, games, group work, class discussion points and worksheets for teachers to adapt, depending on the students they teach. Lets face it… nobody knows your class as well as you do, and for this reason, we leave our resources in your hands, and suggest a variety of ways you may like to use them.

We love hearing how teachers use our resources, and how else they may adapt or develop them, so please do get in touch if you have an idea for expanding or strengthening Authorfy. The more feedback and ideas we collect, the more we can offer the perfect tool for nurturing creativity in schools throughout the UK and beyond.

Why are some of your resources in black and white?

We try to make Authorfy resources clear and concise for teachers, yet vibrant and exciting for students. All resources will appear in colour for teachers to show on an interactive whiteboard, but they also appear in black and white in case teachers wanted to print copies to hand out to students.

Why are some competitions public and others private?

We like to reward Authorfied schools as often as possible by giving them the chance to win author events, bundles of books or extra resources for their students. Sometimes, though, our competitions are more suited to individual students than entire schools e.g. winning afternoon tea with an author or a signed book, and we like to be able to offer these competitions to all children, regardless of whether they have access to Authorfy at school or not.

When do the Authorfy Awards open?

The first Authorfy Awards will open in March each year, with voting closing in May and the winners announced in June. We will be publicising it on social media and via Authorfy School Newsletters.

sharing work:
Can I send you photos or videos of my students taking part in an Authorfy lesson? If so, how?

If you’d like to send us photos or videos, we would love to see your Authorfy lessons. You can Instagram or Tweet us @authorfy or get in touch via our Facebook page. Please be aware that your own safeguarding policies apply at all times and that Authorfy cannot be held liable for any material shared by an individual or school, outside of protocol.

Why can we only upload two pieces of work per author video?

With hundreds of schools around the country subscribed to Authorfy, we have created a limit on the amount of work you are able to upload in order to make it simpler for teachers, fairer for students, and easier for us to manage. The idea behind allowing two pieces of uploaded work for each author video comes from the average class size of 30 students. With 5 author videos across 3 terms (15 videos per year), each student should have the opportunity to become a published author on the Authorfy website at some point during the year. We hope this added incentive encourages your students to work hard, improve their craft, and feel proud of what they have achieved. You can even award them with a Authorfy Achievement’ certificate from our Authorfy Approaches page.

Of course, you can always upload less than two pieces of work, or skip an author’s video entirely. If you have more than 30 students in your class and would like everyone to appear on the website over the course of year, just email their work to info@authorfy.com and we’ll manually upload it for you.

Is there a limit to the length of each piece of writing teachers can upload?

At present, we ask that each piece of writing submitted is no more than 1000 words.

Is there a specific format that each piece of writing teachers can upload needs to be?

Yes. In order to successfully upload a piece of work, the file needs to be either in a JPG or PDF format. This allows students to type their work onto a computer and upload it directly, or you can take a photo of their handwritten work and upload that instead. Note: please make photos as clear as possible. JPGS are preferable and will take less time to load. 

Is there a limit to the file size of each piece of writing teachers can upload?

Yes. In order to successfully upload a piece of work, the file size should be no more 25MB.

Do students need to complete their work before uploading it?

We understand that teachers want to reward students for a variety of reasons – working hard, improving their craft, helping other students, trying something new, writing an impressive piece or becoming a more confident writer, so we understand that stories selected to appear on Authorfy may not always be finished. In this instance, we just ask that students add ‘to be continued’ at the end of their work.

I’ve tried to download the learning resources, but am unable to. Why is this?

If you are having trouble downloading any of our material, you may be experiencing problems with your computer’s storage or Internet connection. However, if both are in working order and you are still experiencing unexpected problems, please contact us at info@authorfy.com

The video’s aren’t loading, why is this?

If you are having trouble loading a video, you may be experiencing a problem with your Internet connection or Flash Player. However, if both are up to date and in working order and you are still experiencing unexpected problems, you may be viewing Authorfy via an outdated browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). If this is the case then we would recommend downloading Chrome (a free browser that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows), in order to utilise Authorfy to it’s full capacity. Additionally, both Safari and Firefox will support the site. If you’re having any further problems do email us via info@authorfy.com

As we have just launched there are always little bugs,
if you experience any of these or just want to send us some feedback use the form below.