If you have any questions, please see our FAQ’s below. If your query
has not been addressed then please contact us via info@www.authorfy.com/authorfy
or fill in our contact form

How can I contact Authorfy?

As we are often out of office, working in schools or on video shoots, we are unable to provide a telephone number. However, if you have a query that is not covered in the below FAQ’s, you can contact Authorfy via email at info@www.authorfy.com and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

How much does Authorfy cost?

Authorfy costs £49.75 per year or £19.75 per term.  This includes unlimited access to the entire platform, with no hidden costs or extra fees.

Can I subscribe to Authorfy at any time of year?

Yes, you can subscribe to Authorfy at any time of year. When you subscribe, you will be given options depending on whether you’d like a termly or annual subscription.

If you select termly, you will be given the option to commence your subscription from Jan-April, May-Aug or Sept-Dec. If you select an annual subscription, you will be given the option to access Authorfy from Jan-Jan, May-May or Sept-Sept. Our dates work in approximate accordance with the UK school calendar, so that we can update our content on a termly basis.

It is entirely up to you when you would like your subscription to start.

When will my Authorfy subscription start?

Immediately, upon payment. However, if you are subscribing as a school that is paying via invoice, your account will be placed ‘on hold’ until the invoice has been processed. For more information on this topic, please see the ‘Authorfy in your School’ section below.

I'm not based in the UK. Can I still subscribe to Authorfy?

Yes! The beauty of Authorfy is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. Please be aware, however, that due to geographical constraints, certain competitions and prizes (for example, author visits) may only be available in the UK. Work can be uploaded from anywhere in the world, providing it has been written in English.

I am no longer able to use Authorfy. Can I get a refund?

Once signed up to Authorfy, there will be a predetermined date upon which your subscription will renew. This can be cancelled at any time, however we are unable to offer refunds for active subscriptions.  It’s for this reason we ask that you see our ‘Preview’ page to get a better idea of what we offer before subscribing.

How often would you recommend using Authorfy?

The frequency with which you use Authorfy is at the discretion of the individual account holder. As part of the subscription service, we provide 5 author masterclasses with corresponding activity packs and additional material. This provides a minimum of 10-12 week’s worth of content when using Authorfy once a week. If you would like further advice about using Authorfy, you can read our quick guide to making the most of your subscription here.

What age range does Authorfy target?

Our masterclasses and activity packs are tailored towards children aged 7-11 (KS2). In time we hope to be able to offer Authorfy to both ages 4-7, and ages 11-14 (key stages 1 and 3). If you would like to be informed of any future additions to the service, please email us at info@www.authorfy.com

How do you choose which authors to feature?

Each term we include a variety of authors, from debut writers to household names, and our publishing and educational experts endeavour to ensure they all have something unique to teach students through their storytelling.

We do this by working alongside our Publishing Partners (see footer for full list), who propose authors throughout the year. We then select those who we think will work well alongside our existing author masterclasses and teaching techniques.

Authorfy in your Class:
Is Authorfy linked to the National Curriculum?

With years of award-winning teaching experience, Authorfy in your Class/School has been developed to bolster the curriculum and allow teachers to have easy access to creative resources.

We have no official ties to the National Curriculum and instead aim to encourage one hour of ‘creative’ writing a week (without worrying about curriculum constraints). Our activity packs can be easily adapted to suit curriculum targets or the needs of your class if necessary. Most importantly, we have been motivated by The Department of Education’s expectation for ‘teachers to do everything they can to foster a love of reading’, and with our work, we hope to create a love of literacy amongst children of all ages.

How much planning do Authorfy masterclasses require?

One of the unique aspects of our Authorfy masterclasses is that they can be tailored to individual teacher’s requirements. As a result, they need as little or as much planning as desired. Teachers are able to download the activity packs and work through the resources straight away, or you can access them in advance and adapt the activities and/or add your own teaching methods to suit your class.

Can I use my subscription to set up Authorfy as an after school club?

If you’re a teacher, librarian or TA, working in a school, we’d be happy for you to share our masterclasses with your students as part of an after school club. This is often a great way of raising additional funds for schools, whilst making the most out of your subscription.

However, please be aware that we do not permit subscribers to use the Authorfy name, logo or branding when advertising clubs – this is due to the fact that if a subscriber chooses to use their Authorfy account for financial gain, then Authorfy Ltd cannot be held responsible for their services.

Authorfy in your School:
My school are unable to pay using card details. Can you send us an invoice?

We understand that some schools don’t have cards, or would prefer to pay for their subscription via invoice. Therefore, if you sign up for an annual school subscription, you will be given the option upon checkout, to request an invoice. Please note, this is only available for annual (not termly) school subscriptions.

Once you’ve requested an invoice, you will receive an email copy of the invoice, including our bank details. Once the payment has cleared, we will let you know and you will have full access to your Authorfy subscription. In the meantime, your account will be ‘on hold’.

If you have any further queries with regards to invoicing, please email us via info@authorfy.com

Authorfy at Home:
I am a home educator, is Authorfy at Home the right subscription for me?

Absolutely. Whilst filling in your details during the Authorfy at Home subscription process, there is box that allows you to indicate that you are home educator. Please tick this so that we are able to tailor your subscription to your needs.

I am a parent who does not home educate, is Authorfy at Home the right subscription for me?

If you would like to use Authorfy to nurture your child/children’s love for creative writing then Authorfy at Home is the right subscription for you. Don’t worry if you’re not a home educator, we’ve tailored the subscription to suit you. All you need to do is fill in your details, and make sure you don’t select ‘I am a home educator’, upon checkout. If you have any further questions with regards to this topic, please email us via info@authorfy.com

sharing work:
Can I send Authorfy photos or videos of my child/children/students using Authorfy? If so, how?

Absolutely! We’d love to see photos or videos of Authorfy in action. You can Instagram or Tweet us @authorfy or get in touch via our Facebook page. Please be aware that if you’re a teacher/librarian, your own safeguarding policies apply, and that Authorfy cannot be held responsible for any material shared.

Why can we only upload two pieces of work per author masterclasses?

With thousands of users subscribing to Authorfy every term, we have enforced a limit on the amount of work you are able to upload in order to cope with the sheer quantity. It is up to the individual account holder to select the pieces of work they feel would be best submitted to win the chance to be read and reviewed by the author.

Is there a word count we must adhere to?

At present, we would appreciate it if you could please limit each piece of writing submitted to no more than 1000 words.

Is there a limit to the file size of each piece of writing teachers can upload?

Yes. In order to successfully upload a piece of work, the file size should be no more 5MB.

Do stories need to be uploaded in a specific format?

Yes. In order to successfully upload a piece of work, the file needs to be a JPG or PDF. This allows work to be typed onto a computer and converted in to a JPG or PDF before upload. Alternatively, you can take a photo of handwritten work and upload that instead. Please note, try to make photos as clear as possible and be aware that JPGS are preferable and will take less time to load.

I’ve tried to download the learning resources, but am unable to. Why is this?

If you are having trouble downloading any of our material, you may be experiencing problems with your computer’s storage or internet connection. However, if both are in working order and you are still experiencing unexpected problems, please contact us at info@www.authorfy.com

The video’s aren’t loading, why is this?

If you are having trouble loading a video, you may be experiencing a problem with your Internet connection or Flash Player. However, if both are up to date and in working order and you are still experiencing unexpected problems, you may be viewing Authorfy via an outdated browser (e.g. internet Explorer). If this is the case then we would recommend downloading Chrome (a free browser that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows), in order to utilise Authorfy to it’s full capacity. Additionally, both Safari and Firefox will support the site. If you’re having any further problems do email us via info@www.authorfy.com

I can't view the Authorfy website properly, why is this?

You may be trying to view Authorfy through internet Explorer (or a similar browser that does not support the latest HTML updates). In this instance we would recommend you download Chrome (a free browser that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows), in order to utilise Authorfy to it’s full capacity. Additionally, both Safari and Firefox will support the site. If you’re having any further problems do email us at info@www.authorfy.com